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28 Weight Loss Permanent Weight Loss Tips for Women | Easy Weight Loss Tips

By | September 22, 2016

1. Start small. “I began walking or jogging for 15 minutes a day. I worked up to 30 minutes, and then increased it again. It was a very gradual process.” 2. Don’t give up when your weight loss plateaus. “I remember hitting the first plateau and feeling so defeated, but you have to push through and keep putting… Read More »

5 Tips for Choosing/Buying a Health Insurance Company

By | August 12, 2016

In this age of inflation, getting a decent health insurance cover is the only way not to become a victim of the skyrocketing healthcare costs. But choosing the right health cover never comes easy. However, keeping a few tips handy makes sure you get an extensive cover at an optimum price. Here are 5 quick tips to keep… Read More »

6 Tips For Staying Healthy With A Desk Job

By | August 5, 2016

Here are six tips for staying healthy with a desk job: 1. Focus On Proper Sight Lines Maintaining proper sight lines means keeping your eyes at screen level so that your neck does not have to contort. Adjust your monitor and chair to put your neck and head in a comfortable position. 2. Maintain Proper Posture Proper posture… Read More »

5 Health Tips for Computer Workers Sitting All Day | Improve Your Health at Work

By | August 4, 2016

For most office employees, working at a desk for eight or more hours a day is unavoidable. But as many Americans now know, spending all that time glued to your seat can really take a toll on your physical and mental health. “In an office environment, you spend most of your working hours sitting in meetings or in… Read More »

12 tips to help you lose weight on the 12 week plan

By | August 3, 2016

1. Don’t skip breakfast Research shows eating breakfast helps you control your weight. Some people skip breakfast because they think it will help them lose weight, but missing meals doesn’t help us lose weight and isn’t good for us as we can miss out on essential nutrients. It could also encourage us to snack more throughout the day because you feel… Read More »

7 Tips for a Healthy Spine | Improve posture for a healthy back

By | August 3, 2016

Millions of people are affected by back pain every day. And beyond living with the pain itself, this kind of condition diminishes your quality of life — you often miss work and social activities that you enjoy and may not be able to accomplish even simple, everyday necessities. Taking care of your spine — that is, your back… Read More »